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The Sump Pump – What Makes One Better Than Another

Picture of a sump pump

What Goes Into a Better Sump Pump? If you’ve read any articles on you are bound to come across several regarding the sump pump. Most are about choosing the right one for you or about helping you choose which is right for you. After reading the articles written here and around the web I’ve […]

Level Guard Against Sump Pump Switch Failure

Ford ICS Panels Edge(1)

What does the Ford Edge, Whirlpool Refrigerators, an RV holding tank and a sump pump switch have in common? Tough question right? Well once you hear the connection it will make quite a bit of sense. The common thread begins with a company called TouchSensor Technologies. TouchSensor Technologies is a wholly owned subsidiary of a […]

Sump Pump Challenge

Surprising Sump Pump Challange   With so many choices and so much advertising devoted to sump pumps we thought we would put together a challenge to see just who’s pump has the best performance. The most popular sump pump sold is a 1/3 HP so all pumps in the challenge will be equal in that […]

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