EBOLA and Plumbing – There Is A Movie Here I’m Telling You

I hate this little dirty rat

Are Plumbers At A Greater Risk Of Being Exposed to This Nasty Virus Ebola and Plumbing, are we plumbers at a heightened risk of exposure? This is the question that kept running through my head as I sat and watched the media frenzy on the nightly news. “BODILY FLUIDS” the media screams, “BODILY FLUIDS the […]

Ferguson Waterworks Is In Your Neck Of The Woods

Their slogan says it all.

Ferguson Waterworks Revolutionizes Buying Plumbing Supplies   I’ve written several articles on how to buy plumbing supplies and materials so it’s only fitting I write an article regarding Ferguson Waterworks. When Ferguson Plumbing Supply first came to the Chicagoland area we in the plumbing industry were skeptical. We had several large local privately held plumbing […]

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