Plumbing Problems–Fixing Common Plumbing Problems at Home on PEX, Toilet, Drain and Vent

How to Troubleshoot Plumbing Problems The easiest way to solve plumbing problems in your home is to hire a professional plumber but, if you are one of those DIY (do-it-yourself) types, you might be tempted or perhaps ultimately failing to resist the desire to fix it yourself. The first thing to do when attempting to […]

Stainless Steel Sink Buyers Guide

Standard Double Bowl Drop-In Stainless Steel Sink

You can buy a stainless steel sink at just about every home center, hardware store and even some “we have everything from cow feed to tv’s store” So how do you buy? What should you buy? What manufacturers are best? Read below as we give you answers to the aforementioned questions and our thoughts about […]

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