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  Swindles Senior Citizens , 07-13-2017 08:09AM

By: Beth

We hired Tim Rogers Plumbing to install a water heater. We told him that we had ordered a hybrid with a tank mounted on demand style. We went to great lengths to order one particular model so that we could get a tank less features and not have to invest in a full new install. This model would utilize the existing plumbing set up requiring minimal changes and standard hot water heater instillation. No new structures or plumbing required as most tank less models are wont to have for correct installation. We were quoted on the phone of a maximum of "$500, probably less".
My husband called to confirm the job when the tank arrived. Again the quote was confirmed at the $500 rate. We went to our savings for the cash to pay for the service based on his quote assurance. We were confident that his fee would be "Max $500." Our mistake-not getting it in writing before letting him start the job. He did work for my husband's brother who works at the local hardware store in Allegan and the fee was reasonable and "less than the quoted price" also verbal. So he was highly recommended by a family member.
Tim Rogers arrived to install the unit. He twice re-stated his quote and made a point to talk to me directly that it would probably be less. I repeated after him, "Max $500 though." "Yep, probably less, he said."
He worked from 9:30am to approximately 12:45pm start to finish including having to go to the local hardware for "parts." The cost was about $50. When he finished he presented his invoice for services of $1000!
When my husband objected he took an intimidating stance refusing to leave until my husband paid him in full.
We did seek other quotes we contacted four other local plumbers to quote this job. We received the verbal "standard fees" from two at $750, and one said no to the job as he was not familiar with that style of water heater, the fourth one never returned our call. So naturally, a quote of $500 got our attention. Even if Rogers plumbing had gone over quote some we would have not gotten excited but to double the cost of the job. That is just a screw job.
$250 per hour is your emergency rate, this was not an emergency in any way; and why can't I find your licence number posted anywhere?
Good job Timmy. You successfully intimated and ripped off a senior citizen.