Fun With Septic Systems

Septic tank settling levels

Septic Systems Still Service a Significant Number of Households Although the majority of US households are connected to municipal sewers there are still a significant number of homes and businesses that use a private septic system. Over the years I’ve encountered many homeowners that know very little or nothing about their septic tank or the […]

High School Mixer 80’s Dance Playlist #22

Neck Tie | Around | Head

The Plumbing Info Playlist #22 In order for some of you to understand the reference “High School Mixer” I’m going to have to explain a bit. In certain areas of Chicago quite a large percentage of high school age children go to private high schools and many of those schools are all boys or all […]

Top 15 Innovative Plumbing Products of The Last 100 Years

Delta's Brilliance Finish Samples

Innovative Plumbing Products Highlight The Last 100 Years It’s a bit overdue but Happy New Year from all of us at The Plumbing Info. News is finally beginning to trickle in that tells me there may be good times ahead for all of those plumbing contractors out there that have weathered the last 7 years […]

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