Plumbing Apprentice Thinking Patterns

Apprenticeship Teaches Skills for life

 The Plumbing Apprentice : How They Think   This Article Will Focus On Plumbing Apprentices and how they think. It is my intention to offer some useful insights to all Journeymen in all of the construction trades and all owners of small construction companies. “If you know the answers, the questions will not bother you” […]

Nine Steps to Bookkeeping For Plumbing Contractors

Backhoes are super fun to operate if you know what you're doing

**Editors Note. For all of you reading this I know in my heart that there are some of you exactly like this contractor. I was never exposed to a company like Randal’s while in business but I probably would have acted the same way Bruno did. It’s a control thing and it’s stupid. We aren’t […]

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