Top 4 Ideas for Bathroom Makeovers – 2014 Edition

Picture of a neutral colored bath

Practical Bathroom Ideas for 2014 Bathroom Makeovers are probably one of the cost effective ways to increase the value of your home as well as increase comfort. A bathroom is probably the most private space in a home; where you can stay undisturbed. It’s the place where you take a relaxing bath after a tiring […]

Calling All Plumbers and DIY – Tips on Remodeling a Bathroom

Hello all, so we were thinking back on the many crazy situations we as plumbers run into on a day to day basis. The one thing that kept creeping back up into my head that may sound simple but continually poses problems to both the professional plumber and do-it-yourself homeowner is the rough-in and trimming […]

Lavatory and Kitchen Faucets – Sorting Through the Plumbing Lingo

Two Center Set Lavatory Faucet

So you want to change a faucet in your home or maybe you’re new to the plumbing biz and you want some clarification on all of the different terms used to describe kitchen and lavatory faucets. Well enough with the plumber speak….we take that back we’re going to continue with the plumber speak we’ll just […]

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