Water Heater Repair – Trouble Shooting Guide for Gas Fired Tank Type

Yikes! No Hot Water

Water Heater Repair – Gas Fired Tank Type Ah the water heater. What would we do without them? Take cold showers? There is one thing I know with certainty, when the water heater stops producing hot water it’s usually a family panic. So here is comprehensive trouble shooting guide to get that water heater up […]

Plumbing Problems–Fixing Common Plumbing Problems at Home on PEX, Toilet, Drain and Vent

How to Troubleshoot Plumbing Problems The easiest way to solve plumbing problems in your home is to hire a professional plumber but, if you are one of those DIY (do-it-yourself) types, you might be tempted or perhaps ultimately failing to resist the desire to fix it yourself. The first thing to do when attempting to […]

Iron in Your Water? No Problem, Charger Water’s Iron Break III Gets it Done

You're bathing in this?

Dealing with Rusty Water Throughout the United States and Canada a common plumbing issue is brown or rusty water. Although this issue is more common for homes with private wells, high iron content is not limited to rural areas. Many suburban communities with a public water supply still obtain their water from large city wells. […]

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