Top 7 Ways Union Contractors Cheat Part 3

Helper cutting copper

Click Here to go Back to Part 2 The Final 3 Ways Union Contractors Cheat 5.) Use Helpers and “Truck Drivers” to do Signatory Work I may get some grief for this but the bottom line is even seemingly squeaky clean contractors do this and it’s the contractors that do the biggest volume that benefit […]

Top 7 Ways Union Contractors Cheat Part 2

Straight time cash.

Click Here to go Back to Part 1 Let’s Count the Ways Union Contractors Cheat Their Union – The Dirty Seven 1.) Straight Time Cash for O.T. and Weekend Work The easiest and most common way contractors cheat both union benefits and Payroll Taxes is to pay their workers straight time cash for overtime and […]

Vent Piping Repairs, Rodding or Leaks – Plumbing Roof Repair Safety Tips for Dummies

Family in front of new home

DIY – Plumbing Roof Repair is Not Always in a Homeowners Skill Set There’s always a first time for everything. You may have just purchased your first home, and you’re feeling proud of it. Being a homeowner for the first time is very overwhelming and exciting. The happiness of having a home, and the realization […]

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